lilBEASTS Year 2 #immaBEAST

lilBEASTS Year 2 #immaBEAST

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Choreography by WilldaBEAST Adams ( &
Janelle Ginestra (

Shot / Edited by Brazil (

Kaycee Rice
Lexee Smith
Gabe Deguzman
Larsen Thompson
Jaron Snyder
Joshua Price
Taylor Hatala
Nike Tratree
Tessa Brooks
Sophie Reynoldson
Phoenix “Lil Mini”
Kennadi Boese
Sparkles Lund
Talin Silva
Leah Roga
Kaylyn Selvin
Sean Lew
Kade Pait
Jordyn Jones
Big Will Simmons
Soni Brigas
Sophia Jahadamy
Boogie-Malia Tinay
Sierra Neudeck
Tatiana McQuay
Bgirl Lex

Guest Starring Jade Chynoweth

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