immaBEAST Tutorial DVD 2 (Trailer)

immaBEAST Tutorial DVD 2 (Trailer)

SO Excited to finally bring you guys our 2nd Tutorial DVD! Purchase your download here: You can order from anywhere in the world!

DVD Description:
As featured on SYTYCD and in venues around the world, Willdabeast is back with round 2 of his over the top energy in ‘immaBEAST Tutorial DVD Vol. 2’. Willdabeast has teamed up with Helton ‘Brazil’ Siqueira and Burn The Boats to bring you a brand new tutorial experience.

Hosted by Brazil, Willdabeast will give you a step-by-step guide and an inside look at another group of selective pieces that have been showcased and performed all over the world.

immaBEAST Tutorial DVD Vol. 2 includes:

Beyonce – Bodied

Pretty Ricky – Grind On Me

Kid Ink – Show Me (Remix)

Busta Rhymes – Twerk It

Rick Ross – immaBOSS

Meek Mills – Ooh Killem

Beyonce – Upgrade U (updated version of the most viewed dance class video of all time!)


Brazil – ‘Fear Into Power’

Willdabeast and Brazil take it one step further and add a never before seen breakthrough workshop on how to turn ‘Fear Into Power’ and take your performance capabilities to new heights. Using the lessons shared in ‘Fear Into Power’ you will begin to harness what the professionals use on a daily basis to be on top of their game and perform at their best.

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Burn The Boats – Level 1 | Design Your Destiny*

Over 4 hours of engaging content that is used by celebrities, athletes, corporations, and entrepreneurs to breakthrough in all areas of life.