will.i.am – Bang Bang (Official Dance Video) Choreography by Devon Perri

will.i.am – Bang Bang – Choreography by Devon Perri
Check out Devon’s channel!! – http://youtube.com/DevonPerri

I had the pleasure of working with Devon Perri and a group of very talented professional dancers on this project. When Devon came to me with the concept and told me who would be dancing it, I was immediately on board and ready to make this happen for him. The shoot went smoothly and it was fun to edit this video together since pretty much every take was super clean and each dancer’s performance was on point. If you haven’t heard of Devon, his credits include: Chris Brown, NeYo, David Guetta, Timbaland, BoA, K-OS-Superstar, Yasmeen, Travis Garland, Jason Derulo, and many more.

Dancers: Mona Berntsen, Ragon Miller, Taeko McCarroll, Benedicte Castillo, Devin Jamieson, Maho Udo, Mykell Wilson, Devon Perri

Video Directed, Filmed, & Edited by Tim Milgram

~ a T.Milly Production ~