Nicki Minaj ft Ciara – I’m Legit | Footage from Nika Kljun’s Class | RAW AND UNCUT SERIES

I’m trying something new… everyone is used to seeing concept videos and well shot dance videos on this channel, and as much as I love making them, sometimes I really just want to post clips of me and my friends dancing. So here it is:


Footage from Nika Kljun’s class @ Millennium Dance Complex
Dancers: Valentino Vladimirov, Tim Milgram, Mikey DellaVella

Visit Nika’s channel to see more of her videos here:

Song: Nicki Minaj ft Ciara – I’m Legit

On another note, RIP to Glee’s Cory Monteith. I happened to be writing this description when I heard the news. Young talent dying young is always a tragedy. Live your life to the fullest and follow whatever your passion is, whether it’s dance, or something completely unrelated to entertainment.