World of Dance UnityFest 2020 || Let Dance Unite Us || June 27th – August 8th

World of Dance UnityFest 2020 || Let Dance Unite Us || June 27th – August 8th
Join thousands of people across the globe for 6 weeks of dancing, fun and fitness!

If you think you’re not good enough to participate, think again! This event is for everyone – from beginners to pros. World of Dance instructors will teach you how to move and get fit with over 40 LIVE classes streamed directly into your living room – all for a little over $2 per class!

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Celebrity Dancers include:
Bailey Sok
One of the youngest choreographers ever to choreograph for a major KPop artist and has a 1.6M following on IG. She has worked with Janet Jackson, Jason Derulo, K Camp, Meghan Trainer, Marshmello and more! ⁣⁠⠀

CJ Salvador
Danced for artists including Selena Gomez, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Ciara. He was recently on Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour as the lead dancer.

David Slaney
Danced for R & B singer, Mary J. Blige, at the Teen Nick Halo Awards, the Disney Channel, and collaborated with actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

JoJo Gomez
Choreographed for Demi Lovato, Tinashe, Back Street Boys, Maren Morris, Sketchers and more! Her style of movement focuses on strength, performance and educating students through positivity & light.

Josh Killacky
Performed on Good Morning America, X- Factor, Dancing with the Stars, Target, Redbull and multiple viral videos!

Nicole Kirkland
Choreographed for Prince, Iggy Azelea, Kehlani, Gwen Stefani, Melii, and Hyolyn, as well as hip hop companies The Lab, immaBEAST, GRV and Gravy Babies.

Sienna Lalau
has performed with and choreographed for The Lab (Season 2 champions), as well as BTS, JLo, Missy Elliott, and others.

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