World of Dance U-Jam Choreo | Phil Wright | “Jaw Jump” by DeeWunn #WODUJAM

World of Dance U-Jam Choreo | Phil Wright | “Jaw Jump” by DeeWunn #WODUJAM

Phil Wright is a world renowned teacher and choreographer. He created and founded The Parent Jam and Disney’s Fam Jam. He travels the world and brings families and students together to provide encouragement and positivity in each dance studio he instructs in. Phil prides himself on his ability to motivate and inspire others through dance and public speaking.
In the industry, Phil has worked with some of today’s top artists including Lil Nas X, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Will Smith, Chayanne, MC Hammer and G Eazy.

Phil was the inspiration for WOD U-Jam choreo – “Do It Big.” Now, he’s done it again with this intense leg workout, Dancehall choreo called “Jaw Jump.” Jump it out at a class near you

You’ve seen World of Dance on Television. Now we’re bringing World of Dance Fitness classes to your neighborhood gyms and dance studios, featuring choreography inspired by the World of Dance community.

World of Dance U-Jam is more than a fitness class, it’s a supportive community of students working together to have fun and achieve their fitness goals. Classes are designed for students of all ages and fitness levels with easy-to-follow dance fitness routines.


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Phil Wright

“Jaw Jump” by DeeWunn