World of Dance DV – @The Nextkidz – Reaction Video #workinchallenge

World of Dance DV – @The Nextkidz   – Reaction Video #workinchallenge

Join @The Nextkidz as your hosts to the first World of Dance DV “Global Dance Visual Competition” awards announcement.

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Beyond winning, every submission helps bridge the music and dance industry by supporting @worldofdancerecords debut artist, @joshkillacky . This #workinchallenge is the beginning of a new competition format, where music and dance are fully embraced.

Watch all the submission here:

Thank you to all who participated!


Submissions were judged “”olympic style”” by a panel of 5 industry experts across 10 categories pertaining to both dance criteria and video production criteria.

In each of the 25+ submissions, contestants pushed their boundaries beyond the dance, offering a unique opportunity to see narrative, concept, lighting, production, editing, effects and location all play a role in each creative masterpiece. We are so excited that the dance community has supported us, and look forward to future dance visual competitions. Thank you from @worldofdancerecords

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