WilldaBeast presents “Performers” by immaBEAST @Beyonce @usher @MissyElliot

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This 5 minute performance lets you in on the unique, original , styles of our company #immaBEAST . I did not create this company to be the “next” version of someone else. We do not compete. We dance because it feels good, to inspire, and to share our art !

Opening Get Low – Nicole Kirkland
Janet Jackson ” All for you ” – WilldaBeast
Busta Rhymes ” Eyes Can See ” – WilldaBeast
Missy Elliot “Pass that Dutch ” – Janelle Ginestra
Beyonce ” Freakum Dress ” – Janelle Ginestra ft. Miguel Zarate (Solo)
Usher ” You Make Me wanna ” – WilldaBeast
DMX ” Party up in here ” – WilldaBeast

Created by WilldaBeast Video by @Brazilinspires (http://gum.co/dancevideos)
Thanks for watching guys!!!! Stay True

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