WilldaBeast – BOSS | @willdaBeast__ @timmilgram | immaBeast ft. Street Kingdom

WilldaBeast – BOSS | @willdaBeast__ @timmilgram | immaBeast ft. Street Kingdom

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BOSS – immaBeast | Choreography by WilldaBeast & Street Kingdom
Directed & Edited by Tim Milgram: http://youtube.com/timmilgram

Dancers: Josh Killacky, Alec Clawson, J-Tight, B-Dash, Sean Lew, Ade Willis, Nathan Maas, Kaelynn Harris, Kerrie Milne, BJ Paulin, CJ Salvador, Jordan Ward, Jade Schuman, Tanner Clark, Kevin Jackson, Deanna Jenkins, WilldaBeast

Shot @ Movement Lifestyle Studio

~ a T.Milly Production ~