Usher – Euphoria | Dance Choreography by Willdabeast Adams

Usher – Euphoria | Dance Choreography by Willdabeast Adams

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Choreography by WilldaBEAST Adams (

Shot and Directed by : @brazilinspires & @timmilgram
Edited by: @kalynelionheart & @brazilinspires

The first time I’ve ever started a video and finished in a year and a half later. I was going through it , in 2014 when we partied during this shoot. I wanted to see if I broke through the transitions in my life , how my style had changed, what different choices I would make choreographing. The first half you see was a week ago. The end was March 2014 . Thank you to all the dancers and all the people in my life that stick by me when things get rough . Enjoy Euphoria !

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