Pop N Taco & Kento Mori – “I Can Make You Dance”

Pop N Taco & Kento Mori – “I Can Make You Dance”

Bruno “Pop ‘N Taco” Falcon was Michael Jackson’s personal artistic consultant for 16 years and taught Michael the popping, waving, gliding and animation techniques which inspired so many dancers around the world when MJ performed them.

Despite his extensive career as a dancer in music videos, live tours, and feature films, he has not been in front of the camera in over 15 years.

I worked with dance artist Kento Mori to produce this video for you to enjoy.

Directed, Filmed, & Edited by Tim Milgram
Performance by Pop N Taco & Kento Mori ( ポッピン タコ ケント モリ)

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