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IT MIGHT SOUND FUNNY TO YOU, but NSYNC was one of the biggest inspirtations in my life. Yes I know every song, every dance, even the one from SMARTHOUSE on Disney 🙂

Truly I studie these guys and their whole journey. Needless to say JT is a version of MJ still on this planet for me.

ANYHOW I figure now is the time for me to stop overthinking and live in my gift GOD GAVE ME. So enjoy these amazing dancers who ripped this piece #IMMABEASTdancers OFcourse !!!!

Group 1 – Willda

Group 2 – IMMABEAST ( China , Malayna , Janelle , Maya , Julian , Robert Green , Sky

Group 3 – ImmaBEAST ( Josh Chavez, Taylor Reef , Kyndall Harris, Taylor Hatala , Junna )

Group 4 IMMABEAST ( JADE , Delaney , Deanna )

Group 5 – Julian 🙂