Michael Jackson Tribute by Willdabeast Adams | @WilldaBeast__

Michael Jackson Tribute by Willdabeast Adams | @WilldaBeast__

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Michael Jackson Tribute Carnival | WilldaBeast Adams
Directed by @Brazilinspires

Here is my Greatest video ever…
Michael Jackson This Is it by yours truly, Devin Jamieson, and immaBEAST!

I say this is my greatest because, whether others agree or not about it being my best, it’s the
piece of work that means the most to me. Without Michael Jackson there would be no
“Willdabeast Adams. ” I grew up watching Mj videos and learning what true artistry is about.
When he passed in 09 I was on the fence about moving to LA or not. The day it happened
my head and my heart were so confused and in disbelief. I asked myself ” what the hell are you doing
still here in Indiana?” Your idol just passed away, so young, and still very full of life. It was my deciding factor
on changing my life and I did. Thank you Michael for EVERYTHING you mean to me and performers everywhere.
Nobody will ever compare.

Thank you to my amazing Cast!!! As well as my assistants on this Jake Kodish, Deanna Jenkins, Alec Clawson and immaBEAST!!!!
Thank you Devin Jamieson ( Mj Dancer) for blessing us !!!

Created by : WilldaBeast Adams
Produced by : @directorbrazil

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