Michael and Janet Jackson – “SCREAM” Remake – Willdabeast Adams and Janelle Ginestra

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“This piece represents the world in my eyes. It reminds me of the times I spent with my late step mom singing Jackson songs, the madness the world goes through everyday, the pressure we feel as people by people, and the huge inspirations the Jackson’s were to me. We re created the real video. My goal was accomplished with the help of many. Hope you enjoy. R.I.P. MJ the greatest there ever was ! Thank you guys for watching. ” – Willdabeast

Choreography by WilldaBEAST Adams (http://instagram.com/willdabeast)
Shot / Edited by Brazil (http://instagram.com/brazilinspires)

Producer: John Hyland
Environment Modeling / Lighting / Compositing / Keying / Roto: Michael Johnson (michaeljohnsoncg.com)
Original Choreography: Travis Payne, Tina Landon, Lavelle Smith Jr.
Co Editor: GL Joe
Director of Photography – Kurt Branstetter
Wardrobe: Erica Mer
Hair & Makeup: Darielle Rose

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