Janet Jackson – Love 2 Love – Choreography by Tessandra Chavez ft Nataly Santiago & Connor Gormley

Filming a video of this length in only 1 shot with no cuts was a really welcome challenge for me; it forced me to memorize Tessandra’s (brilliant) choreography with no room for error. The moments in the choreo that called for a closeup were often times immediately followed by something that needed to be shown wide. While we were shooting this, we shot several close up and wide takes as a backup plan in which we would have cuts in the video. Not wanting to settle, I challenged myself to one last take at the very end, where I really pushed to get this (almost) perfect sequence of camera movements. No cuts necessary! I hope you enjoy!

Choreography by Tessandra Chavez
Filmed by Tim Milgram @ #TMillyTV in Los Angeles

Dancers: Nataly Santiago & Connor Gormley of Unity LA

Song: Janet Jackson – Love 2 Love

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