Flex ooh ohh ohh – Rich Homie Quan – WilldaBeast Adams n Janelle Ginestra

Flex ooh ohh ohh – Rich Homie Quan – WilldaBeast Adams n Janelle Ginestra

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THE LESSON was SWAG ! Nothing Else. Teaching how you can use CHARACTER and Personality to entertain and engage the audience. Without tricks or doing too much! Teaching how we are all built differently and beautiful so you should use what GOD GAVE YOU and embrace it !

Thank you Dance Millennium​ for believing in me and Kenya Clay​ pushing for me 2 years ago . I never forget . Now we are Sold out classes , those are blessings, it’s amazing. But what’s REALLY Important is what we give each other and a safe learning environment that brings us all together . I love everyone out there who wants to help anyone else grow. Tony Tzar​ Andye Jamieson​ Amanda Grind​ Rob Rich​ Kolanie Marks​ Antoine Troupe​ Fresh Redding​ Jose Ramos​ Josh Lildewey Williams​

NOW watch these dancers EEEAAAAATTTTT this piece

Choreography by WilldaBEAST Adams (http://instagram.com/willdabeast) &
Janelle Ginestra (http://instagram.com/janelleginestra)

Shot / Edited by Typo (http://instagram.com/mytypolife)

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