El Chapo – The Game – @Willdabeast__ Choreography – #buckSeries

El Chapo – The Game – @Willdabeast__ Choreography – #buckSeries

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This is my first piece of 2017 from my #BUCKseries

Shot by @Kendawg_
chores by myself @Willdabeast__

In these pieces I will be using some of the foundations of Krump that I have learned over the past 7 years . Mixed with what I do on the daily.
Krump came in my life and made me excited about dance again. I am not a master at it, I respect it, and I’m sharing tools that have helped me bring a raw, gritty, conceptual side to my work and controlled chaos to some of my pieces.

If you want to learn the foundation from the Greats / the Creators research Tight Eyez, and Mijo the founding fathers.
Other Legends Miss prissy , Solow, Crush , B dash , J tight , Lil C , and a gang of others.

Again this piece just happens to contain some of the things I’ve learned over time. It’s all about sharing and respect.
Always push yourself . Be proud of what you’ve learned and keep growing always !

Enjoy all of these amazing Groups !!! I was really happy to push people out of their comfort zones!!!!

too many killers to name !!! My god

#immaBEAST !!!!!