2 AMAZING Kids dancing ! Ludacris “How Low” – Willdabeast Adams Choreography

2 AMAZING Kids dancing !  Ludacris “How Low” – Willdabeast Adams Choreography

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Choreography by WilldaBEAST Adams (http://instagram.com/willdabeast)
Shot / Edited by Brazil (http://instagram.com/brazilinspires)

Most people don’t understand how much time is put into being a professional dancer let alone a child professional. Thought I’d share with the world how quickly these kids pick up these dances and perform them a lot of times in LA for the whole world to see when the teacher shares the video. NOT ONLY do these kids learn the dances extremely fast… But they all start PERFORMING the routine the second they get it in there bodies. Wise beyond their years.
Two of my #lilBEAST’s of #immaBEAST company Gabe and Kenneth up first. Then the slew of the gang doing what they do daily!
Love my team. Love all my kids. This was an awesome moment.

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