100 MILLION VIEWS!!!! #immaBEASTdancers | @Willdabeast__

100 MILLION VIEWS!!!! #immaBEASTdancers | @Willdabeast__

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WOW. I’m truly at a loss for words. THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO watches my videos, who tweets the artist, who push for me to choreograph for stars and tv shows ! All I wanted to do in 2010 was try to make videos like the people that I looked up to . I started to doing that. And now my Channel and has passed my idols and inspirations. It’s crazy.
A lot of people hate on Youtube creators. I love them. I respect all artist that love what they do and put their hearts and to it. When you do that you can never be doing it wrong. Whether you’re dancing behind someone, in a company, battling , or making content for the world to see… It’s your path and WE all have different ones . I’m following what I believe God want’s me to do. Inspire, perform, spread love, motivate and live to the fullest. The #immaBEAST movement is being heard and seen. I’m blessed. It is very hard to do this with a dance choreography page. Thankful