#immaBEAST Company Auditions | Recap |

#immaBEAST Company Auditions | Recap |

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This was the most AMAZING, SURREAL, ENJOYABLE night’s of my Life.
Because of the Directors, Choreographers that have given me the opportunity to work as a Professional dancer the past 3 years… And also most recent Now all of you 27,000 plus Subscribers, followers … Y’all have helped me get to this POINT! Been going in to get the results back and this was A Great sign and Blessing from God that I am on the right Path…

These are the company Auditions. immaBEAST is it! These people inspire me so much!
I want to chage the GAME, Change the way we think, and bring people TOGETHER, and Inspire even outside of DANCE. Hope you guys enjoy. DON’t BE RUDE to anyone that came out and Put themselves out there in front of Me Please 🙂

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